February 2013

by Sam Lawrence

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The recordings of 'February 2013' document the first pieces written as a part of Sam Lawrence's 'A Song A Day' project. Each piece was written and recorded in 2-3 hours exercising Sam's intention to express himself more consistently while simultaneously eliminating the often too cruel prospect of post-production criticism and edition.


released March 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Sam Lawrence Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: (05.02.13) Everydays
ok, it's getting late
i fell in with everyday
cut your hair, choose your breath
ok, it's getting late
now i spy on you
Track Name: (06.02.13) You Dawn
when you know stones are alive, when your doctor cries, you dawn
when you wake with the tide and stay hypnotized, you dawn
when the gay don't take sides, when the weak take the stronger rides, you dawn
Track Name: (07.02.13) Vulnerable
i met a man who I thought didn't see right
with a scar on his head and a bad eye
i ask him, "how do you flower in the fire?"
he says, "I'm born as I'm burning and besides,
I'm only vulnerable on the inside"

i take off my clothes with my hunger and my pride
i got my smell and i know that i can't hide
you want me only if i'm cool tonight
well i don't let my friends decide
i'm only vulnerable on the inside
Track Name: (08.02.13) Planet
Track Name: (12.2.13) We, The West (Stamina)
blackwhite savage, welcome
blackwhite savage, if you want to help them you must understand it's the weather
they blame the weather

every night i have to stand on their hidden wet bed,
their heaviest head, their cold addiction
just so they can hear me say
i don't need them

but don't blame
no one to blame
everyone together now and blame the weather

so pile on your disease
fat brain, weak knees, sex spanner
we're going to fix a crutch and call it stamina